How To Charge Your Nest Thermostat: Easy Guide 2023

Hello there! We’re here to explain how to do something that’s quite simple: charge your Nest Thermostat.
You may wonder what a Nest Thermostat is. Well, it’s a smart little gadget that helps keep your house just the right temperature. And just like how your toy car needs batteries to zoom around, your Nest Thermostat also needs to be charged to do its job well!

Let’s Get Your Nest Thermostat Powered Up!

Step 1: Where does the power come from?

Just like how a superhero gets their powers, the Nest Thermostat also has its own source of power. It gets its energy from something called a C-wire or batteries, much like your remote-controlled toy!

Step 2: How do I know if my Nest Thermostat is hungry for power?

You should check your Nest Thermostat’s “Settings” to see whether it needs a power snack. Next, select “Technical Info,” then “Power.” If your thermostat’s battery voltage is below 3.6V, it has to be charged. You can see this here. It’s just like when your game console shows a low battery warning!

Step 3: Time to charge up!

Similar to how you plug in your tablet to recharge it, you can power up your Nest Thermostat by utilising a wire called a micro-USB cable.
The thermostat must be carefully removed from its base, located, and then connected to a power source via the micro-USB connector on the back.

Step 4: How long do I charge it for?

It takes around 2 hours for your Nest Thermostat to be fully charged, much like you have to wait for the batteries in your toy to charge.
You may reattach it to its base once it is finished.

Step 5: Is my Nest Thermostat okay after charging?

It’s wise to check your Nest Thermostat’s health and functionality after charging. This is called a system test, and it’s super simple! You just need to go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Equipment,’ and select ‘Continue.’ This tells you if your thermostat is working just fine after its charging session.

charge nest thermostat 2023

Let’s Answer Some Questions!

Sometimes, we have questions about things we’re learning, right? Here are some of those questions and their responses!

How do I charge my Nest Thermostat battery?

You connect your Nest Thermostat to a power source using a micro-USB cable, much like you would while charging your gaming console.

How long does the charge on a Nest Thermostat last?

Just like how long a toy can run on new batteries, if your Nest Thermostat is running on battery power alone, it can last between one to two years. But if it has a C-wire, it stays charged all the time.

Do Nest thermostats have batteries?

Yes, they do! Nest Thermostats have batteries inside them, just like how your toy robot has a battery inside.

How do I know if Nest is charging?

Just like how your game console shows a charging symbol when it’s plugged in, you can check in the ‘Power’ section under ‘Technical Info’ in the settings to see if your Nest is charging.

What is the life of the Nest battery?

A Nest battery may live for around one to two years if it is not attached to a steady power source like a C-wire, similar to how toy batteries endure for a while.

How to charge Nest Thermostat 2nd generation?

Charging a Nest Thermostat 2nd generation is as easy as charging your remote-controlled toy. It’s the same steps we talked about before!

You’ve mastered the art of charging your Nest Thermostat, there!
Don’t forget to keep your thermostat charged so it can keep your home cosy and comfortable!

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